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Finlay Team installing ( 2 ) 4160 volt VFD  2017

Sydney Nova Scotia

Welcome to D .Finlay Electrical Ltd. Located in Sydney Nova Scotia . Serving all of Cape Breton Island

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(902) 371-4096

My Grand father

Commercial Service

Finlay Boys replacing a 7000 kva  transformer

16 hours non stop

Power was restored 10PM Customer Very happy


At D.Finlay Electrical it is our commitment to provide you with excellent service combine with a team of expert Electricians . Our team excels in Residential , Commercial and Industrial our track record will prove it .

5000 volt switch  controlling (3)  2000 HP  motors completed 2016

We are a comprehensive service provider for a wide range of quality products, including all wiring, lighting, circuit breakers, surge protection, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, generator systems, ceiling fans and much more. Call now to schedule service with a licensed and experienced electrician on our team

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Our team
Our Affiliates

Residential construction


Residential Construction

Today's residential construction projects, whether new or retrofit, require an electrical contractor who can design and install complicated systems, while keeping a family's most valuable investment safe from electrical and fire hazards.

We offer virtually every skill set, for every type of building, from upscale residential to commercial and industrial

Installing a 30 kw Diesel Generator the customer wanted a hot tub also installed

D.Finlay Electrical has over 30 years experience at residential construction ask for a free estimate

Complete underground service, power ,security, generator, communications and yard lighting


New Process plant Donkin Mine 

600/ 347 Volt service we installed

We install and test complete networks cat6 and cat 7

(902)  371 - 4096


Marion Bridge Radar 

Doppler New Install


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